Language Server Protocol Support

The Language Server Protocol was originally developed by Microsoft for Visual Studio Code, but clients have now been developed for many other editors.

Currently there are two active developing implementations of a language server for Vala:

  • Vala Language Server - designed for any editor that supports LSP, including VSCode, vim, and GNOME Builder. Fully compatible with Meson and compile_commands.json. Has diagnostics, robust completion, signature help, document outlining, workspace symbols search, support for finding references, and more. Has packages available in a number of distributions, including Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch, and Alpine Linux. See the README for more information.

  • GVls (GNOME Vala Language Server) - Supports Meson introspection provided by Clients or auto-detected. Supports diagnostics, completion, signature help, document’s symbos, workspace symbols, find symbols, documentation. Server supports stdio and internet connection, from clients. Provides a fast LSP Client supporting connection using stdio and internet connections.