9. Build System

Vala is built using the standard GNU Autotools. The built executables are actually stored in .libs directories and wrapped by scripts. Therefore to debug, follow these instructions:


Add Vala debug instructions.

./configure uses the AC_PATH_PROG macro to choose the valac which is on your path, or one specified in the VALAC environment variable. Therefore, to build Vala with your own valac, type this, for example:

VALAC=$HOME/dev/vala-x.y.z/compiler/valac ./configure --prefix=$HOME/prefix

9.1. Out-of-tree build

An out-of-tree build does not properly work yet. Out-of-tree builds have the advantage that your source tree is not cluttered with built files. Suppose you have vala checked out in ~/dev/vala.

    rodney@solaria:~/dev % git clone https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/vala.git
    rodney@solaria:~/dev % ls vala
fixme           fixme          fixme                  fixme
aclocal.m4      config.log     gobject-introspection  README
AUTHORS         config.status  INSTALL                stamp-h1
autogen.sh      config.sub     install-sh             tests
autom4te.cache  configure      libtool                vala
ccode           configure.ac   ltmain.sh              vala-1.0.pc
ChangeLog       COPYING        MAINTAINERS            vala-1.0.pc.in
compile         depcomp        Makefile               vapi
compiler        doc            Makefile.am            vapigen
config.guess    gee            Makefile.in            ylwrap
config.h        gen-project    missing
config.h.in     gobject        NEWS
fixme           fixme          fixme                  fixme
    rodney@solaria:~/dev % mkdir buildvala
    rodney@solaria:~/dev % cd buildvala
    rodney@solaria:~/dev/buildvala % ../vala/autogen.sh --prefix=$HOME/dev/prefix
    rodney@solaria:~/dev/buildvala % make

All Makefiles, etc, generated by configure will be put in the buildvala directory and you can run make directly from there.